According to my research...
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Theme Song

[Theme Song Plays]

Scene 1- Sun

[Bus appears, changes form, gets loaded]

Fiona: Whoo-hoo!

Scene 2- School

[Arnold appears, panting, running into school]

Arnold:Phew! (to himself)

Arnold: Thank goodness! I was afraid of what I might find when I got here. Something could've changed over the summer.

Keesha: Nope, nothing different, except Jyoti, of course. Arnold's not big on change. (Sentence 1 to Arnold, Sentence 2 whispered to Jyoti)

Arnold: Everything's exactly like we left it last year. Come on, Jyoti. Welcome to your first day. I'll show you around.

Jyoti: Exciting! But from what you guys said, I thought everything would be more magical.

Arnold: Oh don't worry! It will be. But first, the normal stuff. Like how everybody sits in the same place every class. And how we all have jobs. It's a delicate balance. Wanda and DA handle the brain builders, and Ralphie annoys the skeleton.

Ralphie: Yeah, but he never gets rattled.

[Jyoti chuckles]

Arnold: And of course, I handle the worrying for all of us.

Jyoti: Cool! It's like you have your own balanced ecosystem.

DA: According to my research, you're right! An ecosystem is--

Ralphie: A community of plants and animals with roles to play.

DA: How'd you know that?

Ralphie: An old pizza box I left under my bed. My mom called it the world's smelliest biome.

All: Ugh.

Jyoti: So what about me? Where do I fit in?