The Magic School Bus Rides Again Sing-A-Long Trailer HD Netflix

The Magic School Bus Rides Again Sing-A-Long Trailer HD Netflix

Ride on the Magic School Bus is the theme song of the 1994 The Magic School Bus PBS Television Series and the 2017 Netflix series was sang Lin-Manuel Miranda.


(Bus Drives up, Doors open)

Fiona Frizzle: Seatbelts, Everyone!

Arnold: Please let this be a normal field trip.

Dorothy Ann: With the Frizz?

All except Arnold: NO WAY!

Arnold: Aw!

Cruisin' On Down Main Street. You're relaxed and feelin' Good! (Yeah!) Next thing that you know, You're seein'..

Fiona Frizzle: (Driving into ocean) Wahoo!

An Octopus in the Neighborhood??

Surfin' On a Sound wave! Swingin' through the stars!

Keesha: Yee-ha!

Take a left at your intestine. Take your second right past Mars!

On The Magic School Bus!

Navigate a Nostril!

(Carlos Sneezing)

(Class Gasping)

Climb on The Magic School Bus!

-Spank a plankton, too!

-Take that!

On Our Magic School Bus!

Raft a River of Lava!

On The Magic School Bus!

Such a fine thing to do!


So strap your bones right to the seat.

Come on in and don't be shy.

Just to make your day complete,

You might get baked into a pie!

On The Magic School Bus!

(Dorothy Ann and Arnold run up to Bus and enter)

Step in, Step in, Step inside, It's a Wilder ride!

Come On!


(Bus flies through Space toward a circle and the title "The Magic School Bus" appears on top, and "Rides Again" appears on bottom)

(Bus Honking)