According to my research...
Wait a minute/second, wait a minute/second, wait a minute/second!
—Her catchphrase

Dorothy Ann "D.A." is a main character in The Magic School Bus Rides Again and a student at Walkerville Elementary.


Dorothy is an intelligent young girl with shoulder-length blonde hair in a tomboyish ponytail held up by a violet holder and blue eyes. Her main attire is a pale purple shirt, a violet blazer, light blue trousers and orange ballet flats.


  • In the original show, Dorothy Ann pronounced research "Riss-erch", but in this sequel, she pronounces it "Ree-search". 
  • Throughout the series, she's always referred to by her initials (D.A.) or what her initials stand for (Dorothy Ann), but for reasons unknown, she is never referred to as just "Dorothy".
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