Maybe/I think/I knew I should've stayed home today!
Does this mean what I think it means?
We're doomed.
—His catchphrase

Arnold Matthew Perlstein is a main character in The Magic School Bus Rides Again.


Arnold M. Perlstein is very cowardly and is always hoping for a normal field trip. He is very cautious and slightly superstitious but very intelligent. He has car sickness and slightly dislikes field trips as they may bring him out of his safe zone just to learn things. He has coulrophobia like the Seeker and enjoys the company of Liz, Wanda, and Valerie. He is always prejudicing Fiona's field trips, but sometimes he enjoys them.


Arnold now has straight red hair, and he has green eyes. He wears square glasses, a light yellow shirt, a green sweater, blue jeans and brown work boots.


Arnold means 'brave eagle'[1], and Arnold is a coward (Though he's braver than he's usually made out to be). The last name Perlstein means 'pearl stone'[2].

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  • In "Goes Cellular", Arnold's eyes were shown to be brown, but in this sequel, they're green