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• 3/21/2018

Season 2

I see that Season #2 is coming on April 13, which means I have to figure out what episodes from that new season to watch and then I will find out whenever I need to watch them.

I know that Season #1 is the best so far, because of the first 13 episodes from "Frizzle of the Future" to "D.A. and the Deep Blue Sea". They're so good! :)

In addition, I really want the list of Season #2 episodes.

Here's a picture of the idea!
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• 3/24/2018
This is interesting. Maybe we'll see Phoebe in this season on one episode? I mean if Janet can still appear every once in a while, why not Phoebe?

However, I prefer not to call this "Season 2". I prefer to call this "Season 6" to the old series, like I'm calling the 1st season to this "Season 5".
• 3/25/2018
I tell you I want the list of season #2 episodes so I can find out what their titles should be called. But it would be so nice to see either Phoebe or Janet because.... Janet appeared in "Pigs in the Wind" and "Ralphie Strikes a Nerve".

So, thanks for making sure that it would be okay. But I chose September 29 when the first season came out to watch each episode from that series, which is much way amazing.

I mostly watch season #1 episodes after watching recordings of Team Umizoomi from season 1 to season 2. So I was thinking, season #2 should be good even if it comes out on April 13.
• 3/27/2018
iagre but it should be deasom 5
• 3/27/2018
Season 5 of the Magic School Bus, to you, is fun - even when I sometimes watch some episodes before watching season #3 and season #2 of Bubble Guppies - because they look 16:9 high definition and in widescreen format. Besides, I remember downloading "Triple-Track Train Race" on iTunes after watching Frizzle of the Future on Netflix back in February.

If season 2 is season 6 to you too, then I agree with the idea - but Netflix calls the truth season 2.

Maybe if Phoebe can come back in an episode, that would be fun.

Besides, when will the list of season #2 episodes arrive if that kind of season is arriving on April 13, just like on Netflix's schedule?
• 3/30/2018
My reason for calling The Magic School Bus Rides Again "The Magic School Bus Season 5 onward" is because, in spite of the fact this series came out 20 years after the old series ended, it's meant to continue the old series, a bit like Samurai Jack Season 5.
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